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                                  THE TRADE SECTOR AND SOLVING CONSUMPTION PROBLEMS                                                       IN THE MIDDLE VOLGA REGION IN THE LATE 1980S - EARLY 1990S                  


Jakupov Roman Alexandrovich, Postgraduate student, Penza State Pedagogical University named after V. G. Belinsky, 

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The development of the trading sector of the Average Volga region in the conditions of the commodity crisis in Russia at the end of 1980s – beginning of 1990s is analyzed in this article. The content, the level of efficiency and the consequences of the transformation processes in the trading sphere for the consumption system of the country are graded on the base of the archive materials and the lawmaking activity of the government and local authorities. The base trends, forms and mechanisms of the structure changes in the trading relations of the country are reported by the author.

Key words

perestroika, USSR, Average Volga region, market, trading sector, consumption deficiency, shadow economy, freedom of commerce, liberalization.

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